grout glitter additive silver

grout glitter additive 100g silver or gold



Product Description

Grout glitter additive £6.59

A simple to use product that can be simply added to any cement based or epoxy based grout to produce a sparkling grout joint to complement any tile or mosaic.

Grout glitter additive

By adding grout glitter additive to your project not only will you see amazing results but as the additive contains no metal you will get a guaranteed sparkle finish that will not bleed or rust to last you for the lifetime of your tiled project unlike any other additive flake on the market only a poly epoxy coated flake can guarantee a life time of sparkle.

Grout glitter additive can be used to create sparkle joints to complement any wall or floor tile and mosaics alike, from bathroom feature walls to complete wet rooms and dazzling floors that will amaze time and time again.


Additional Information

Additive colour

Gold, Silver


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