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glitter grout

The material is suitable for grouting ceramic tiles (glazed tiles, terracotta, stoneware, mosaic), natural stone and stone aggregate tiles, concrete tiles, ceramic or glass mosaic and glass blocks.
GLITTER EFFECT – creates a special decorative effect thanks to the unique formula used. The Glitter GROUT Effect depends on the nature, intensity and angle of incidence of light and on the location of the joint (wall or floor). It is best visible in spot lighting, and more subtle in daylight. The wider the joint, the more noticeable the Glitter Effect becomes.COLOR PROTECTan innovative technology that makes the grout colour last longer and prevents discolouration and the formation of efflorescence. The grout, based on high-alumina cement, shows an increased resistance to contamination, UV radiation, oils and detergents. Consistent colour is guaranteed by the high homogeneity of the compound and the uniform dispersion and grain size of pigments.
PEARL EFFECTby reducing water absorption to a minimum it protects the substrate from moisture. This effect has been achieved by using a hydrophobic molecule formula.
MYCO PROTECT – the system protects the grout from the growth of fungi, moulds and algae, which helps prolong the aesthetic appearance of the tiled surface and keep the environment healthy.
FAST SETTING – light foot traffic on the tiled surface can be commenced 3 hours after grouting (full load after 24 hours), which significantly reduces the waiting time before cleaning the surface so the renovated rooms can be promptly put into use.
FLEXIBILITY – the grout is recommended for tiles laid on securely fixed engineered wood boards and drywall or on self-levelling floors or plaster in heating systems. It can also be used for grouting tiles laid on traditional substrates, such as cement-lime plaster or cement or anhydrite floors.
WIDE RANGE OF JOINT WIDTHS: FROM 2 TO 25 mm – the grout is suitable both for mosaic and large format tiles.
EXCELLENT ADHESION TO TILES AND GLASS BLOCKSthe material is suitable for grouting ceramic tiles (glazed tiles, terracotta, stoneware, mosaic), natural stone and stone aggregate tiles, concrete tiles, ceramic or glass mosaic and glass blocks.
APPLICATIONS – the grout is water-resistant and can be used indoors, in dry, damp and wet environment, such as kitchens, bathrooms and halls. Suitable for grouting freshly laid tiles or renovated tiled walls and floors.
EXCELLENT DURABILITYresistance to cracking, scratching and abrasion
USER-FRIENDLYthe product is easy to mix, plastic and easy to apply, makes it possible to fill the joints quickly and easily without scratching the tile surface.

  • 037 Black glitter grout
  • 036 Dark grey glitter grout
  • 035 Light grey glitter grout
  • 027 green glitter grout
  • 024 Dark brown glitter grout
  • 023 Brown glitter grout
  • 022 Light brown glitter grout
  • 020 Beige glitter grout
  • 018 Cream glitter grout
  • 016 Red glitter grout


Surface preparation. Prior to grouting, the joints should be thoroughly cleaned of dust and any contaminants (the joints between the tiles should have uniform depth and any excess tile adhesive should be removed while fixing the tiles). The joints can be grouted only after the tile adhesive has fully set, no earlier than 24 hours after fixing. If ATLAS MIG adhesive has been used, grouting can be started as early as 4 hours after tiling. Shortly before grouting, clean the surface with a damp sponge and gently wet the joints (especially if the tile adhesive has fully dried or, in the case of renovation work, the voids after the old grout).
Grout preparation. ATLAS ARTIS STYLE GROUT is a dry mix of top quality cement binder, specially selected aggregate, fillers, pigments, modifiers and decorative additives. Add the dry mix to a container with pre-measured amount of water (at the ratio of 0.20 to 0.23 litres of water to 1 kg of dry mix) and mix until a uniform, smooth paste is obtained. The mixing can be done by hand or using an electric drill mixer. The grout is ready for use after ca. 5 minutes; it should be mixed again before application. The ready grout should be used up within ca. 30-40 minutes. Once the grout has been mixed, no water can be added to it.
Grouting. Fill the joints completely with grout using a float or rubber float. Remove the excess material by wiping diagonally to tile edges.
Before the surface can be used, the grout has to be appropriately prepared in three steps: initial washing, final washing and dry cleaning.
1. Initial washing. After the initial set of the grout (when its surface becomes dull – after ca. 30 minutes), wash off the entire surface with wet sponge. Brightly coloured joints should be additionally wetted with ample amounts of water and left to dry. The colour can be slightly “released” in the initial stages of use, which is not a defect of the product. Some glitter can be washed off during cleaning, which does not affect the final appearance of the joint.
2. Final washing. The surface can be finally washed off after ca. 3 hours, using a damp sponge.
3. Dry cleaning. To achieve a uniform Glitter Effect, the joint should be additionally wiped with dry cloth after the grout has fully set.
• For tiles characterised by high water absorption, which are prone to discolouration (e.g. natural stone, stoneware), trial grouting is recommended on a small area of the tile (preferably on tile waste) followed by cleaning, in order to determine the effect of the grout on the appearance of the tile used.
• To ensure uniform colour, it is recommended to use grout with the same date of production and batch number in a particular area of tiled surface.
• The joint should be protected from drying too rapidly.
• For joints in untypical locations (outer and inner corners, expansion joints) appropriate edging trims should be used, for example ATLAS EDGING TRIMS, or filling with permanently flexible materials, e.g. ATLAS ARTIS silicone .
The above information constitutes basic guidelines on product use and does not relieve users of the obligation to work in accordance with good practice and health and safety regulations.





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016 Red, 018 Cream, 020 Beige, 022 Light Brown, 023 Brown, 024 Dark Brown, 027 Green, 035 Light grey, 036 Dark Grey, 037 Black